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Houston Mold Remediation Contractors 

Houston Mold Removal Specialist 

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We are here to help return your property to normal after water damage.  Any water intrusion in your property can cause significant damage.  Water intrusion can come from flooding, pipe leaks, sewage spills, bathtub overflows or many other sources.  While the water itself damages building materials the health concerns arise with the mold that can develop with in 24 to 72 hours of water intrusion.  There is always a certain amount of mold in our living environment.  However, water can cause significant amounts of mold that can be very harmful to your health.  For information on mold and its potential effects on your health visit the EPA website.


Once the source of the water has been mitigated, Houston Mold Guys will come in and assess the damage.  We will provide you with an estimate to remove any effected items that cannot be saved, clean and dry out your home.  We strive to make all of our customers happy. 


We are registered with the state of Texas as a Mold Remediation Contractors license # MRC1527

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